— Product managemenT & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
— mobile app for iOS and Android
— Product promotion strategy development
— Efficiency analytics using all developed solutions
— Market research and business strategy
— Creative concept development
— SMM & PR
— Video production
WTCC Premium TV app
FIA WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) is an international sports event — it is a world championship in road and ring racing, taking place since 1987.
WTCC Premium TV is a mobile app of the latest generation that we developed specifically for WTCC. With this app, the user gains control over the ongoing race, becoming the director of a personalised show, choosing topics of interest. The user can follow the race, switching between onboard cameras that are installed in the drivers' cars, directing the stream, as well as watch a replay of the highlights of the race at any time from any device. In addition, the user has access to the archives of previous races and a special Backstage category, containing unique content on drivers' lives "behind the scenes".
Product Management

The agency developed a complex strategy for introducing the new product in the market:

  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Positioning development
  • Managing the full cycle of the development process
  • Continuous monitoring and fast response to market demands
  • Complete content management, creative concept development
  • Analytics, research and presentations upon client’s request
  • Creating brand community — creative, complete social network management, traffic management, news feed on the website, creating the Backstage category, interviewing the drivers
  • Smooth transition to Freemium model and introduction of video commercials in the mobile app

Planning and design
— Implementation of the unique Multicam technology on the landing page and the mobile app (for iOS and Android)
Live streaming of the races with the option to switch cameras
— Current season calendar and an archive of the races
— Current information on the races, teams and cars
— Race results
Social media marketing & Video
— Social network management — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium
— Content creation, content plan development and management, traffic management
— Updating the news feed on premium.fiawtcc.com
— Launching the user survey for engaging in the product and receiving audience feedback for product improvements
Social networks enhance the viral effect. 9 out of 10 internet users lead active social lives online. This year, more than 50% of respondents answered that they spend from 1 to 5 hours online daily. 1 in 10 social network users is online all the time. Nowadays the average user spends an average of 143 minutes per day on social networks.

For increasing loyalty and engagement of the user in the life of the brand, it is important to communicate with the target audience, receive feedback and manage the viral effect through social networks. Special promotions and programmes which are easy to carry out specifically on social networks are typical to the mass market.

Content examples
Partner re-posts
Video examples
  • Drivers reply (the drivers reply to tricky questions);
  • Ready! Study! … (German, Russian, etc. — the drivers try to pronounce words that are unpronounceable in the language of the country where the race is taking place);
  • Drivers' lexicon (the drivers explain professional racing terms);
  • Mother language (the drivers present the WTCC Premium TV app in their native language).

Fan Village
— Organising the individual Fan Village booth, developing the creative concept of the booth
— Virtual reality in collaboration with @altspace
— Promo video production
— Temporary tattoo design
— Production of miniature copies of the race track
— Selecting and training the models for the booth
— Communication with the race attendees and registration in the mobile app
— POS material design (media wall, flags, flyers)
Strategy and analytics
— Competitor analysis (F1, DTR, TCR), market analysis
— Analysis of monetization strategy options for the mobile app
— Strategy for the transition to Freemium model
— Analysing the work with media and ad agencies, choosing the media, targeted channel analysis for increasing the traffic
— Developing sponsorship packages
Company T-shirts
Temporary tattoos