— Product Visual Brand Identity
—#NBSP;Product naming & packaging
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Moneytime fintech investments
Moneytime believes in a world improved by technology. The fund invests in financial industry and financial sector start-ups. Its logo demonstrates the company’s philosophy and values via two key elements: double dots (as in a digital clock) reflecting the passing of the time and a flying (just flipped) coin.

Sales Hub
— Product Visual Brand Identity
— Product presentation
Mobile Virtual Operator (MVNO)
— Naming
 Packaging design
[Hello, Bienvenue] The very first word in any conversation. One of the most popular spoken words. Emotional association with communication, positive message. The dialogue between the client and the bank. The word that we use every day. Light and positive.

Simplicity is one of the flagship qualities of the product.
Fashionable option for mass-market. High rates of memorability and recognition.


It’s naming a mobile operator of the new generation. Technologies of the future require a new approach in rethinking the launch of the product.

—  Product presentation
—  Screen design
Sberbank Angry app
—  Product concept
—  Mobile app
We launched a new mobile app at the St. Petersburg economic forum on the 42-inch panel (the size of the table).

Sberbank’s customers could quickly resolve their issues, receiving a satisfactory response to their requests. One hundred issues were resolved online.

The bank, in turn, accumulates the negative feedback about the brand. An interactive map depicted all the bank customer requests, filtered by the keyword of the call.

The application was presented to the country’s top leadership, among which were Moscow Mayor Sobyanin, Aeroflot Director and other high-ranking officials.